Can you really get rid of flies the natural way?

imageIf there’s one thing about summer that annoys me, it has to be all the flies that seem to magically appear and take over my house.

I swear, some days I come home and there are about 10 flies in my kitchen buzzing around spreading their germs.. Yuck!
But, the worst thing about it is I feel like there’s no solution that doesn’t involve either a) swatting them constantly like a crazy person, or b) spraying some kind of toxic chemical.

Recently it drove me so crazy that I gave up and just went and bought one of those insect sprays that automatically dispenses insect killer every minute or so. But I don’t know what’s worse, a million flies buzzing around me or feeling like I’m breathing in toxins that cannot be good for me.

So I decided to investigate some natural ways to get rid of flies. There are not a lot of chemical-free options out there, but this is the short list of some of the easiest options that I can find online and plan on trying myself:
– Place dried and crushed basil or mint in a bowl in each room of the house. Apparently flies don’t like the odour of these herbs.
– Put a few drops of lavender oil on a cloth and put it inside a tin can. Keep the lid closed for a day or so and then take it off for a few hours when you want to use it as a repellent. Alternatively, add some lavender oil to a spray bottle of water and apply directly to your skin to get flies and other insects to stay away from you. (See Renee’s post ‘Lavender: Your natural skin saviour’)
– Plant a Venus fly trap outside
– Half fill a plastic bag with water, add a few coins like 10 or 20 cent pieces and tie it at the top. Hang it near entranceways to keep flies out as apparently due to the structure of their eyes they are tricked into thinking the water bags are spider webs… Strange but worth a try!

So I’m off to give these options a try. If you have any other ideas for home remedies to destroy/repel flies, please share below!

L x



  1. Dominika

    Hey L, I’ve seen the plastic bag/coin thing all over Texas where there are so many flies, and it seems to work! I think it also depends on the coin – think it might have to be a copper one? Good luck xx

    Liked by 1 person

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