You ask, we answer: What are some easy and healthy lunch ideas to take to the office?

It can be hard to think of new or interesting ideas for lunches at work and can become all too easy to get into the habit of buying it each day. I’ve usually been pretty good with bringing lunch from home as I hate having to spend money on this. It wasn’t until I visited a nutritionist last year that I realised how much healthier my lunch choices could be.
I had gotten into a routine of having ham and cheese toasted sandwiches as my ‘go to’ lunch option as it was cheap, easy and tasty. Although not the worst option in the world, it wasn’t overly nutritious and only left me hungry and craving sugar a couple of hours later. It was suggested I add more protein into my meals (something a little more substantial than a slice of ham) and bring in some colour in the form of vegetables. Cutting down on the processed meat and not having so much cheese each day was also part of her recommendation.

I have since replaced my toasties with lunch meals which contain some form of vegetables, protein and wholegrain carbs. My current favourite is a fresh and colourful salad with baby spinach, cucumber, capsicum, and avocado plus some shredded chicken or salmon and a cup of brown rice with chia. Super filling, easy once you’ve got the right ingredients prepared, and quite satisfying. You can buy the cups of rice and chia from the supermarket and just heat them up for 40 seconds and you’re ready to go.


Other quick, easy and healthy options that I enjoy:
– a wholemeal pita or wrap with chicken and salad

– a slice of wholegrain toast with poached or scrambled eggs and a side of baby spinach (you can make scrambled eggs using a microwave at work by mixing 2 eggs together with a bit of pepper and microwaving for about 20 seconds at a time stirring in between, or poached eggs by cracking an egg in a cup of water and microwaving it for a minute)

– dinner leftovers

I think the main thing is to be prepared and make sure you have all the ingredients you need for lunches for the week.

What are your ‘go to’ lunches? Comment below 🙂




  1. Jennifer Connor

    Mason jar salads!! Dressing in the bottom, tomatoes, capsicum, cucumbers, protein (smoked salmon, tuna, chicken) baby spinach on top. Shake it up when you’re ready to eat:) filling and easy, can make so many variations too!!


    • fromtheinsideout

      Thanks AT! I know, I don’t really like using the microwave but it’s hard at work without a stove. I guess that would be the bonus of having things like wraps and pitas so you can toast them in the sandwich press or just have them fresh.


  2. donzienz

    Great reading and sharing. is good to remember to have protein in your food to fill up. .I like cuttiing a potato into cubes, cooking it then cool it down and add salt pepper, tabasco sauce and truffle oil. I make the salad, which is lettuce tomato onion cucumber egg and then add the potato. It makes a salad more interesting..

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