Juicing trend still going strong in 2015


A year ago trendsetters across the globe jumped on the juicing bandwagon in a bid to reset, detox and get their glow on. While there has been widespread debate over the benefits of juicing vs blending (which gives you more fibre), juicing just won’t go away. One thing I love about juicing is that there are endless opportunities for creating different flavours. Below you will find some of my favourite juices.

Get your glow on:

4 oranges – peeled
5 carrots
1/2 thumb size of ginger.

Juice all of these items together. I then add a pinch of turmeric powder, which is great for inflammation, at the end and blend. If you can find a whole turmeric then juice a small amount of this instead.

This juice is incredible for your skin and gives you a dose of vitamin C.

Loni Jane’s Oxygen Juice

1 beetroot
1/4 watermelon

This may sound like a weird combination but I love this juice. The taste is incredible and the colour is insane. Beetroot is a blood purifier and is high in antioxidants.

Go green

I also adore a good green juice, and I like to mix things up with different green veges.

Half a celery
3-4 apples
A couple of bunches of spinach or kale.

It is super refreshing.


Have you tried juicing? Do you think it is here to stay or another fad?


One comment

  1. donzienz

    Juicing is great. .I went to a cafe the other day and bought a ‘cold pressed’ juice. It was so delicious. I asked the guy about cold pressed vs juicing and he said cold pressed is much better for you. ..due to juicing using a lot of heat transfer to the foods due to the process…always something new isnt there. ..juicing or cold pressed… still has to be better than unhealthy foods. .. Good work leanne and renee…

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