What is she snacking on?

Snack by Julia and Libby

This treat by Julia and Libby is definitely on my list to try.

There’s so much more to snacking than an apple, a sandwich or cheese and crackers. Here’s some inspo to spice up your snacking habits.

One of my favourite snacks to make at home are Julia and Libby’s Cookie Dough Balls. It’s so hard to stop eating them. Check out the recipe. I have to admit I have destroyed a handheld blender trying to make these but it was worth it.

Source: Julia and Libby, Facebook

Leanne and I can’t go past these insanely delicious dark chocolate truffles

Yes please! There kumara chips with guacamole look delightful.Have these guilt-free sweet potato chips and guacamole got you drooling yet?

Source: Nourish Yourself, Instagram

For more kumara inspiration check out this incredible recipe.

Get creative with your next sushi roll by replacing white rice with quinoa.Now here's some sushi you can enjoy everyday! Want more? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!
Source: Serotonindealer, Instagram.

Add some toasted coconut and passionfruit to your fruit salad like Australian foodie Leah Itsines.Simple but so tasty. Top your fruit salad with coconut shreds and passionfruit for a fresh, Summery taste.
Source: Leah Itsines, Instagram

The Macro Kitchen’s take on the kebab could be a winner.This protein pancake kebab will be the healthiest kebab you'll ever try.
Source: The Macro Kitchen, Instagram

For super simple snacks I love peaches, a smoothie or a carrot with a little bit of hot sauce. Have you been whipping up some healthy snacks or treats in your kitchen? If you’re keen to share them upload a picture of your snack on Instagram, include the #fromtheinsideoutblog and we could share your idea with our followers.



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