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Detox water

This is cheap, easy and is a great way to jazz up the taste of your water

Detox water recipe: Simply combine 1 litre of water, half a telegraph cucumber sliced, 10 mint leaves and 1 sliced lemon. Let it infuse in the fridge overnight. Continue reading


Skincare 101: Dry brushing


Spa experts and health enthusiasts swear by it and have been singing its praises for supposedly doing everything from exfoliating to reducing cellulite. So, what is dry brushing? How do you do it correctly? And is it too good to be true?

What are the benefits?

Dry brushing can buff away dead skin, boost circulation and lymphatic drainage, and ultimately rid the body of toxins.

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‘Apparently, my butt is the issue’

Yoga Girl

Yoga Girl

I was scanning Rachel Brathen’s inspirational Instagram account ‘Yoga Girl’ and discovered this post:

“I believe we should all live our lives in a way that’s true to who we are. For me, that means sharing what comes natural to me in the moment. Yoga and wine and beaches and airports and dogs and rants. It’s my life and it’s my responsibility to live a life of love, in whatever ways ring true to me. Continue reading

Lavender: Your natural skin savior


Would you sip on your perfume? Or slather your moisturiser on a piece of toast? Unlikely!

But what you may not realise is that what you put on your skin gets absorbed straight into your bloodstream.

As more people become aware of this, nature’s products are becoming the beauty cure-all du jour. But can Mother Earth solve our beauty dilemmas? Continue reading