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Kayla Itsines’ smoothie recipe



She’s the woman behind some truly incredible real girl transformations, so what does Australian fitness guru Kayla Itsines choose to drink when she wants to stay in top form?

The Instagram star told POPSUGAR Australia that her berry smoothie is “really simple” and is “packed full of goodness”. It can make a good option for a snack or a quick breakfast for those on the go.

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What is she snacking on?

Snack by Julia and Libby

This treat by Julia and Libby is definitely on my list to try.

There’s so much more to snacking than an apple, a sandwich or cheese and crackers. Here’s some inspo to spice up your snacking habits.

One of my favourite snacks to make at home are Julia and Libby’s Cookie Dough Balls. It’s so hard to stop eating them. Check out the recipe. I have to admit I have destroyed a handheld blender trying to make these but it was worth it.

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Juicing trend still going strong in 2015


A year ago trendsetters across the globe jumped on the juicing bandwagon in a bid to reset, detox and get their glow on. While there has been widespread debate over the benefits of juicing vs blending (which gives you more fibre), juicing just won’t go away. One thing I love about juicing is that there are endless opportunities for creating different flavours. Below you will find some of my favourite juices.

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You ask, we answer: What are some easy and healthy lunch ideas to take to the office?

It can be hard to think of new or interesting ideas for lunches at work and can become all too easy to get into the habit of buying it each day. I’ve usually been pretty good with bringing lunch from home as I hate having to spend money on this. It wasn’t until I visited a nutritionist last year that I realised how much healthier my lunch choices could be. Continue reading

Top food and fitness trends for 2015

If you’re one of the 75 million people around the world who uses the MyFitnessPal app to track your food and exercise, you might be interested to find out what the experts behind the app are using all the information they collect for. Like most big businesses these days, they’re running stats and analytics in the background to spot trends and make predictions for the future. And they’ve kindly shared their findings with us.
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Why I ate almost a whole box of roses…

imageLast night we were watching a movie and I decided to bring out a box of roses chocolates that I was given for Christmas. They are all individually wrapped so theoretically a normal person should have one or two chocolates and then put them away. Not me though. I ate one or two and then another one or two and kept going until almost the whole box was gone. Continue reading